CARE Guidance Documents


The CARE Guidance Documents form a comprehensive library of information on the safe handling and use of HTIW products.

They have been written by industry experts and are designed to give customers of ECFIA members helpful information to put in place effective controls to minimise exposure to airborne fibres. This document series will progressively expand as new guidance is produced.

Three levels of guidance document

There are three levels of document. Each document is labelled and colour coded according to the level it belongs to:

Level 1 (Purple)

There is just one overarching Level 1 guidance document: "Working with HTIW - Effective risk management". This document provides an overview of the key processes, principles and procedures that should be followed for controlling (eliminating or reducing) exposure in the HTIW workplace.

Level 2 (Orange)

The Level 2 guidance documents provide more detail on risk management measures applicable to HTIW. They cover important generic elements of exposure control for example, good housekeeping and handling, product and process substitution, local exhaust ventilation (LEV), and how to control exposure during mixing and forming.

Level 3 (Green)

The Level 3 guidance documents provide guidance on particular scenarios or applications and are often referenced in the Level 2 documents. Examples of Level 3 topics include enclosure of raw material mixing stations, the use of saws, and avoiding exposure during module manufacture.

All Level 2 and Level 3 documents must be read in conjunction with the overarching Level 1 document.

Revision process

Each document shows (in the top right corner) the date of first publication followed, where applicable, by the revision version and date. The guidance documents are reviewed periodically and revised and reissued as appropriate. If, for whatever reason, the need for an immediate revision is identified, the document shall be amended and reissued as soon as is practicable.